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A little bit about me — I’m Stacie, a natural light photographer based in Westchester and NYC. I’ve worked in musical theater, casting, and advertising.  But my most challenging job to date by far:  Mom of two.  When I’m not cleaning toys off the floor, pulling my son’s hand out of the toilet, or explaining to my daughter why she has to wear underwear to school, I’m taking photos that try to capture the subtle and meaningful moments of everyday life — toddler drama included!

I’ve always been a bit neurotic about documenting my life, and when I had kids, I took things to the extreme.  With a better camera, and much cuter subjects, photography became more than just an obsession — it became a love.  I took classes, developed my confidence, practiced on anyone who’d let me, and really began to cultivate my own style.  Soon friends-of-friends were asking me to take family photos, and before I knew it, I had launched a business.

There’s always been something so special to me about the way photography lets you relive a moment — weeks, months, and even years later.  I cherish so many of the memories that photographs have captured (and created) in my life, and through my work, I strive to produce and preserve special moments for others.